Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sharepoint Reports using Sharepoint Designer 2007

I was searching a lot for tools which can generate reports for me in sharepoint for many requirements like site usage, find the modified item in a document library, who all have modified a document in a document library, who had mad changes in the site..

The final answer on how to acheive all the same was simple.

Use Sharepoint Designer 2007

Yes, you can generate all the reports, create charts and even export them to excel from the sharepoint designer 2007. Open your site using sharepoint designer and at Site -> Reports,  you can find almost all the options you are looking for......

Find this how to Article with more details.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Restrict document library from uploading and opening in Explorer view

Are you trying to restrict sharepoint users from adding files to the sharepoint document library via, Upload document option and  using 'Drag and Drop' after opening in Explorer view.

You can acheive this by just adding some javascript codes to the page.

So heres how it can be done ...........

  • Open the document library where you want to restrict the upload and open in explorer view option.

  • Add a Content Editor Webpart to the page.

  • In the tool pane of the CEWP - Source Editor.- Add the below javacript codes.

  • Delete the explorer view of document library. 

   You are done with what you were looking for


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Export to excel

IF you find export to excel not working in any version of sharepoint installed then try out this noce solution which helps you out.

Download- Run - Activate , you are done to use the feature.

Download it from :