Thursday, October 15, 2009

Archive contents from Team Discussion

Steps : To archive the contents from the Team Discussion

1. Open 'Team Discussion'
2. Create a new view from 'Settings' - New View
3. In 'Columns'- Check the 'Body' field- OK
4. Open the newly created view and from 'Actions' select 'Export to spread sheet'.
5. Open the file in Excel and save it to your archive destination.

Note: The above steps will not save any attachments in the mails, For archiving the attachments.

1. On you computer - Open 'My Network Places'.
2. Under 'Network Tasks' click on Add a network place
3. Click 'Next'- Select Choose another service provider option - Next
4. Add the above url of the 'Team Discussion' as network address- Next
5. Give a new name - Next - Finish
6. A new web page will be opened with Folders for each mail.
7. Select the folders with the attachment and save them. ( The folders name will be same as the subject of the mail)

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