Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Create Modify Views and columns In SharePoint Survey....

Had you ever tried creating a new view in sharepoint survey list ?

You won't find an option to do it by default but still you can do it  for a sharepoint survey.

Find the steps below >>   Create New View
  • Open the new view page of any list in your sharepoint site, and copy the URL to a notepad.
  • Open  survey settings page, and from the URL copy the List ID. (List=%7Bxxxxxxxx%2Dxxxx%2Dxxxx%2Dxxxx%2Dxxxxxxxxxxxx%7D).
  • Replace the list name to the last of the URL with the survey list name.
Copy the modified URL to a new browser window, and you are done, you will be now in the 'Create View' page of your Survey List. Create the view as you wish here..........

Find the steps below >> Create New Column.

  • Same the way you did for survey view, copy the new column page url (/_layouts/fldNew.aspx?ListID)
  • Replace the ListID with the survey list ID and you are done.
Find the steps below >> Modify View.

  • Inorder to perform the modify view of the newly created view as per the steps above, just add your list as a webpart to any sharepoint page.
  • In the modify shared webpart option, select the view which you want to edit in the Selected View and  select the option 'Edit the current view'.

Enjoy Customisation...........


Nikky said...

Nice work helped me a lot.....
Keep it up Dude

Anonymous said...

This was great - just what the doctor ordered.